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Just Us is a clothing boutique that has a passion for providing apparel, and continuously has the everyday woman in mind. We pride ourselves in catering to women that believe fashion is far beyond than just clothing; but is a presentation to the world and is powerful enough to enhance your life (hence the name Just Us). Our gift is the ability to present beautiful garments, that when worn can make just as big as an impact as the women who are wearing them. It is our deep pleasure to provide you with fashion forward, stylish, and trendy clothing at affordable prices, that help you achieve effortless beauty and overall bliss. We hope that our unique clothing may grant you confidence and make you feel as beautiful as you truly are.  Please enjoy shopping and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach us via email at To receive exclusive rewards and be first to hear about our upcoming news, subscribe to our newsletter . To keep an update on us, follow us on our social media. We appreciate your visit and Happy Shopping!